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Vivi's Secret Maternity Bag

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Maternity Diaper Backpack / Baby Care Nappy Backpack  is a reflection of the improvement of the cognitive care of baby with The Times. People take good care of the baby, which benefit to the growth of the baby. 
This Backpack style mummy bag is suitable for long duration outdoor activities, For example, the whole family travels for more than one day. The main advantage of a Backpack is that it distributes the weight evenly, thereby reducing load sense. 
It's elegant appearance makes it meet both your fashion and utility needs.
In addition, the capacity of mummy backpack is large, and can carry enough supplies to satisfy baby for a pretty long time outdoors.

1. Pure color,suitable for both mother father. 
2. Tissue extraction pocket on the side, it is more hygienic and convenient to take out the tissues. 
3. Special milk bottle foil layer insulation pocket. 
4. Multiple pockets designed for larger capacity and organized arrangement of items. 
5. Casual appearance design, also suitable for other daily use purposes.

Material: Polyester (Waterproof) 
Size: 37.5 X 31.5 X 14 cm /14.76 X 12.4 X 5.51" 
Capacity: Can put bottles, baby clothes, diapers, milk powder cans, thermo cups, tissues, etc 
Back method: Shoulder bag/backpack/handbag,etc. 

Mummy Bag Functions: 
1. It is convenient for mother and baby to travel. 
2. Clear separation of internal structures. 
3. Comprehensive function and large capacity. 
4. Adjustable: Can hang on the baby carriage,meet any needs. 

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