Twin Stroller Side by Side

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Having more than one baby can have its own challenges, but taking them out together can be made easy with this side by side twin stroller. Here the kids can sit side by side and have a fun ride while they look at their sibling and share baby talks.
The stroller comes with unique features like large storage baskets, UV protection sunshine canopy, soft, non-pneumatic EVA wheels that come with shockers and 360 degree swivel, for ease of movement, removable serving plates for keeping sipper or bottle and adjustable reclining seat.
It easily folds for storage and can bear load up to 50 kg. Two kids up to 3 years can sit easily. Sturdily built and easy to carry this is an ideal choice if you have more than one kid. 

Item: Baby Stroller
Type: Side-by-side Twin
Brand Name: Strolex
Model Number: STX-101
3C certificate code: 2013012201633855
Material: Steel pipe
Suitable age: 1-3 years
Capacity: 50 KG
Folding size: 90cm x 40cm x 18cm 
Standing Height: 100 cm
Standing Length: 78 cm
Item Weight: 12.6 kg
Seat width: 37 cm