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Postnatal Shape-up Belt

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Postnatal belly band or Postpartum shape-up belt offers a three way support to your waist, belly and pelvis regions which undergo a lot of stress during the child-birth and delivery process. Your body experiences a lot of changes in these parts and could result in organ prolapse and hip and belly sagging. These belts help you get back in shape while offering your back a much needed support at that critical time.

Easy to wear, made with breathable fabric, the belts are available for most body sizes  & give you the comfort and support that every mother deserves!


  • Prevents postnatal stomach & other abdominal organs prolapse. 
  • Applies moderate inward pressure on the pelvis for pelvis restoration
  • Helps support the lower back for better posture & restores shape.
  • Made with quality fabric with breathable design. 
  • Can usually be worn from third day postpartum for normal delivery. Consult your Doctor for wearing after C-section delivery and for any other queries.
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Brand Name: Sunveno
Item Type: Belly Bands for shape & Support
Material: Cotton,Polyester
Color Style: Natural Color
Shapewear: Waist Cinchers

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