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Coral Velvet Crawling Carpet (New)

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Coral Velvet Crawling Carpet (New)

When babies start crawling, the surface that they crawl upon is a reason for parents to worry. You might worry; "Is it rough? Or is it too hard ? Is it too cold for the baby? Is it clean?" 

Relax! Parents, this soft crawling carpet, puts your worries to rest and gives your baby the smooth and soft crawling experience. 

The Soft Coral Velvet Fabric and the large size of the carpet ensure pleasant crawling and playing surface for the baby. The thickness ensures warmth and shock absorbency from any falls.


  • Soft and velvety child friendly surface to play or crawl
  • Easy to fold away and store when not in use

  • Anti-slip Bottom Surface, prevents the carpet from wiggling about with kid's movements. 
  • Beautiful attractive colours  
  • Hand and machine washable
  • 1.3 cm thick 
  • Neatly sewn edges  
  • Firm fabric thread that stays in the carpet so it doesn't lose thread in cleaning process.


    Wash Style: Mechanical Wash,Hand Wash
    Use: Bedroom,Commercial,Decorative,Outdoor,Hotel,Toilet,Bathroom,Home
    Material: Fleece Fabric

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