Haier Baby Food Processor

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This awesome multi-functional manual food processor for baby food, helps you make juices, purees, smoothies and much more.

It comes with a grinding bowl that works like the traditional mortar-pestle used to make herbal extracts for babies or for medicinal purposes. A manual squeezing action juicer with filter sieve to make those little quantities of juice for your little one. It also includes a grating board to grate vegetables and squeeze juice for introducing vegetables in baby's diet.

Product Features:

  • Juice Extraction for Citrus Fruits
  • Mashing Soft Fruits & Vegetables or Preparing Leaf Extracts
  • Grating Hard Vegetables Like Carrots to Introduce Veggies in Baby DietĀ 
  • Smooth-Edged Spoon for FeedingĀ 
  • Package ContentsĀ 

Material: Food Grade PP
Model Number: BYA05

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