H-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

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Pregnant women may need a scientifically designed pillow after the third trimester, as the baby grows and the size of the bump grows, it may become increasingly difficult to find a comfortable sleep position to get a sound sleep.

Pregnancy pillows offer support to your head, neck, belly, back and knees. Sleeping on the left side is beneficial during pregnancy and the pillow supports the abdomen offering relief from abdominal pressure. Holding the pillow between the knees can help release fatigue and pain in those joints as the joint laxity increases during pregnancy. The short back support caresses your back gently offering it relief as the back bears the fetal weight during the day.

Made with high quality EPE filling and 100% cotton cover, the pillow resists flattening and clumping and the cover is easily machine washable.

It can also be used as a nursing pillow post pregnancy.


  • Offers relief from abdominal pressure by supporting the belly bulge

  • Corrects spinal posture by supporting the back

  • Use for post-partum lactation or simply relax

  • High Quality fabric and filler

Smooth zipper design to be stowed in neatly to avoid scratching the skin

Medical Grade Non-Woven Hypoallergenic White Liner

Anti-bacterial, dust resistant, removable and machine washable cover



Brand Name: Changbvss
Weight: 1.5-2 kg
Material: Cotton
Filling: 15D EPE
Wash: hand wash,machine wash
Size: 56*160 cm