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Tent Castle

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Remember your childhood when you see your kids play in this lovely fabric playpen. A tent with friends to huddle with can keep them engaged for hours while they stay indoors and you finish up your chores. Its light and portable, you can even carry it to the beach. Get the balls separately to add on the fun quotient!


Type: Playpen
Size: 78cm*100cm*130cm
Size: 78cm*100cm*130cm
Material: 100% polyester
Product Category: Cloth tents


High quality waterproof polyester cloth, easy to clean, clear, safe and durable.
Anti mosquito gauze allows for ventilation,  and observation of the baby's activities.
The steel frame requires no installation, and is simple to put together. Can be folded easily and put in a bag to save space when not in use.
The  tent door can roll up and tie or closes with firm adhesion. The whole tent can also be tied with a rope on a windy day to provide better stability.
Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Keep away from fire


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