Baby Rocking Chair

Baby Rocking Chair

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Whether you need to relax or work in the kitchen or go to the beach with your baby...this Baby Rocking Chair will keep your baby safely enjoying the rhythm of light bouncy movements!

Baby Rocking Chair is soothing and entertaining for baby, and a modern new design for mum! This sleek-looking bouncer's seat is soft, comfortable, and machine-washable!

Soothing and calming vibrations help soothe and comfort baby. Rocking motion of the chair is rhythmic, light and bouncy for babies physiology to get into a peaceful harmony.

The chair comes with a safety belt so essential for the little one's safety and your peace of mind.

Babies should be rocked gently and never vigorously. 

*Toy bar shown in video is not part of the package



Brand Name: BabyYuga
Age range : 0-22 months
Material: Lightweight high carbon steel frame
Item Weight: 3 Kg
Load bearing: 18 Kg