Our Story


Happy to see you here to read about us.

Relaxed Parent is a family run business, that all started with a fascination for babywearing. It was a magical moment when I first saw a child being carried in a baby wrap. Having heard of babies being called "A Bundle of Joy" this was my first hand experience of witnessing one as literally being that. All wrapped up in yards of cloth like a bundle, smiling joyfully :) !

This was indeed my inspiration to create an awareness about this product which is such a wonderful tool to set your hands free while having your baby close to you. You don't need to be away from your baby while you do other chores. When we had our first and only baby, Prateek & I had no idea about babywearing. No one told us about this amazing tool and I remember how I struggled between being close to my baby and doing my work.

Relaxed Parent offers us this platform to create awareness and make available the tools for being relaxed as a parent. As we believe that Relaxed Parents bring up happy babies!

Come, Discover the Ease of Parenting with us, and wish you all the best as you celebrate this special phase of life! 

Much Love


Founder @ Relaxed Parent


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