Mama Kangaroo Top

Mama Kangaroo Top

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Not yet ready for a baby carrier and need time to learn how to wear it? Try this Kangaroo T-shirt and allow it to get you accustomed to baby-wearing before you go for a baby carrier or wrap.

Mama Kangaroo top is just what you need. Just slip your little one inside the pouch and you're all set to go! So simple, isn't that wonderful!

It takes away the need to wear a cumbersome wrap or tie a baby carrier. Helpful when you are short of time and need to go out or carry your baby with yourself.

Size Chart:

Safety Warning:
Only use the pouch for babies between 7 lbs to 15 lbs. Never use the pouch with a premature baby until they reach 7 lbs. Do not use if baby is too long (pouch must cover infant shoulders at all times. The shirt is not meant to carry your baby hands-free. Always have one or both of your hands supporting the baby's body while in the pouch. Always make sure that the baby's head is visible and supported with the head support panel or your hand and is visible. Keep checking for baby's proper breathing.

Material: Cotton
Pattern Type: Solid
Brand Name: Swokii
Style: Casual
Gender: Women

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