Teknum Luxe Saira - Baby Stroller

Teknum Luxe Saira - Baby Stroller

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Strolling the baby is a refreshing experience for both the baby and you and the experience is enhanced if your stroller is smooth, sturdy and comfortable.

Luxe Saira makes this experience a joyous and memorable time spent with your precious little one. Smooth running wheels, extended canopy, unique frame design that occupies less space while giving you the optimum balance.

The Unique Design






Model Number: TK-608
Certification: 3C
Brand Name: Teknum
Material : Oxford and leather
Frame: Aluminium
Wheel : EVA and Rubber
Bearing: 25kg
Age: 0-4 years


* The name Luxe Saira © belongs to https://relaxedparent.com/

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