Comfy Mommy Pillow

Comfy Mommy Pillow

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Whether you’re pregnant, nursing, recovering from an injury, or just tired of using multiple pillows every night, this full body pillow has got you covered. The unique C-shape design provides the perfect balance between comfort and support for higher quality sleep and pain relief.




  • UNIQUE C-SHAPED BODY- The pillow design replaces need for multiple bed pillows. Now rest comfortably with the C-shaped full body pillow that supports your back, hips, knees, neck and head.   
  • ADAPTABLE- Adjustable poly-fill material adapts to your belly and back when you want to sleep, read, nurse, or watch TV. Its adaptability stops you from tossing and turning at night, making this the ideal maternity pregnancy pillow.
  •  3rd TRIMESTER PAINS? This full body pregnancy pillow can help ease you into a better sleep, reducing interruptions throughout the night and helping relieve back pain associated with pregnancy 
  • MORE THAN JUST A PILLOW FOR PREGNANT WOMEN - It can be used as a nursing pillow post pregnancy or be used as a safety bolster for the baby. Besides these uses for moms and moms to be; this full body pillow is perfect for ANYONE needing more support, recovering from surgery, or tired of having to use separate pillows to support their head, neck, legs, and back. You need not be pregnant to use it! 
  • 100% COTTON COVER- Smooth cotton-poly blend pillowcase is woven with anti-microbial properties to fight off allergens and ensure a breathable night’s rest. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN- Zipper removable pillow cover is machine-washable, hypoallergenic, contains zero phthalates/latex/lead and is BPA-free.
  • LOVELY PATTERNS- Soothing soft colored patterns to choose from


    Brand Name: i-mummy 
    Material: 100% Cotton
    Filling: 100% Polyester
    Size: 175 cm x 39 cm
    Weight: 1.35 Kg
    Grade: Grade A
    Pattern Type: Floral

    A Great Gifting Idea for A new Mom or Mom to Be