Baby Banana Trainer Toothbrush

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Recommended by Pediatric Dentists, the baby trainer toothbrush serves as baby teether as it is  engineered with stimulating textures.

Its massaging bristles provide teething relief to infants. 

Maintains oral hygiene and promotes healthy habits from an early age.

Helps develop hand/eye/mouth coordination while removing food and milk particles gently.

Works as a teether in the beginning and then gets used as a brush. The soft silicon bristles protect the tender skin of the baby while inducing the brushing habits early on.

This is so easy and convenient to use and to clean that makes it a versatile product for accompanying the teething process. 

This is a Must Have innovation as a baby product. 

Specifications :
Material: Medical silicone
Ages:0-24 months
Net weight:38g/pc
Size: 10 x 6cm(Approx)
Disinfection methods: Place in boiling water (recommended two minutes or less)