Baby Car Seat with Isofix

Baby Car Seat with Isofix

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Safety of the child is of utmost importance especially when we travel in car. Since normal car seats are not designed for infant seating, it is necessary to supplement the car seat with a safety seat that snugly holds the child in place. 
This seat comes with a IsoFix system that secures the safety seat snugly into the car minimizing vibrations and shocks. The fabric used is high quality Flame-Retardant and breathable, thus adding to the safety.

This car seat designed by Mike Jindema is ISO certified and conforms to European standards of Universal Child Restraint under regulation E4-44R-040032

Item Type: Child Car Safety Seats
Brand Name: Ebsii
Model: SC-01
Certification: CE,3C,ECE
External testing certification: ISO9001
Item Width: 42cm
Item Length: 48cm
Item Height: 68cm
Item Weight: 7kg
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 36kg
Seat style: Adjustable
Installation Style: ISOFIX Connector & Five-point harness 
Seat style: Adjustable
Material : Original high density HDPE reinforced plastic,with the European ECE certification safety inspection.
Fabric: High quality PP material with flame-retardant properties, non-toxic and odorless

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