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Fuelbaby Bottle

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Fuelbaby is truly a unique baby formula bottle designed with on-the-go and night feeding in mind. The patent-pending powder container allows you to prepare your baby’s formula in advance. Utilizing a soft silicon ring, the simple push of a button releases the powder into the water container for fresh formula ready at any time.

Baby Milk Bottles Couldn't Get Better than this! 
👶Now no need to mix the formula with water before your baby is ready. 
👶No need to carry the bulky formula can on the go. 
👶FuelBaby provides a formula storage base within the bottle itself! 

👶No more formula clumps as the agitator ball mixes it well with the water
👶Fresh Feed every time. 
🤱As natural as it can get! 

*Each baby feeding bottle features a powder compartment - the fueler, an anti-colic teat (size 0+ months), a protective cover, and a leak-proof water chamber, specially designed for baby or adult-sized hands to comfortably grip.

As a new parent, we understand that you’re always busy. To help make things a little easier, Fuelbaby is ready to use in just three simple steps: Fuelbaby Formula Bottle Instructions

Step 1: Add your baby’s formula to the bottom powder container. 
Step 2: Fix agitator to Fueler. 
Step 3: Fill the bottle’s middle compartment with water. 
Step 4: When your baby is ready to drink, press the bottom of the baby bottle to release the formula and gently shake until the powder completely dissolves.

Directions for Use:
Place up to 4 scoops of formula powder into your Fueler formula dispenser.  Place the agitator cap on tightly, screw into the bottom of the bottle.  Proceed to fill with warm water, when ready to feed your baby, just press at the bottom of the baby milk bottle, shake and mix!

1. Removable Formula Powder Dispenser
2. Anti-Colic Teat
3. 240ml Cup
4. Agitator Cap for Perfect Mix
5. Silicone Coverings for Soft Touch
6. Dust Cap
7. Leak-Proof Water Chamber
8. Dishwasher Safe
9. Microwave Safe
10. BPA Free

1. Perfect for On The Go Feeding

2. Late Night Feeding
3. Baby Sitter Feeding
4. Advance Preparation

Care Instructions
All of the components are dishwasher safe, so cleaning the Fuelbaby couldn’t be easier. Alternatively, the pieces can be washed by hand. All parts can be sterilized by placing them in rapidly boiling water for 5 minutes. 

Is Fuelbaby microwave safe?
Yes, heating your child’s Fuelbaby baby bottle in the microwave is completely safe. However, be sure to mix the powder and water together before heating. Shake the heated bottle to evenly distribute temperature and test the temperature of the bottle before giving it to your child.

How to make up Baby Formula?
It is very important with good hygiene when making up the formula. Use water at a temperature of at least 70C, as water at this temperature will kill any harmful bacteria.

Brand Name: Fuelbaby 
Water Compartment Capacity: 240ml /8 oz
Product Weight: 184 g
Material: Food Grade Silicone Nipple, PP Bottle and Formula Dispenser

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Note: Extra Teat is available in 3 sizes 0+m, 3+m and 6+m Please contact us to send a note on what size you would want after placing order. Also the color of extra Fueler, available in 3 colors, Green, Pink and Yellow, may be indicated by contacting us.

In case you need to order them separately they are available at the links below

Extra Teat Pack of 2


Extra Fueler


3 months warranty for any faulty items from normal usage*
*T&C apply

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