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Baby Swaddle Envelope

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Baby Swaddle Envelope

For those cozy and cuddly moments with little one to be comfortably and snugly wrapped. Soft fabric is gentle on baby's tender skin. Cute motifs of the swaddles have gentle eye appeal in soft colors.

Wrap your baby in this soft swaddle envelope for those sweet moments of sleep which are so very relaxing for you as well as the baby.

Babies sleep better when wrapped in swaddles as it minimizes body part movement and abrupt waking up due to temperature changes as compared with unwrapped body parts.


  • Soft anti-pilling fabric
  • Easily Machine Washable
  • Compact & Snug 



Size: 65cm*50cm*32cm*26cm
Age Range: 0 - 6 months
Material: Polar Fleece Fabric

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