How to Choose a Kid's Backpack for School

A backpack plays an important role in the life of a pre-school or a school going child. Make sure that it is just the right size, weight and design to help your child carry it comfortably. Here are few points to consider while choosing a backpack for your child.

  • The Right Size

    Children attending pre-school will require a small lightweight backpack that can hold a lunch box and an extra set of clothes, while those going to primary might require a bigger sized backpack

    • Padded Back and Shoulder Straps with Adjustable Buckles

      Make sure the back of the bag and shoulder straps are soft and padded for comfortable carrying. Also the straps should have adjustable buckles to adapt to the height of the child. This feature is most important as the weight of the bag should be borne by the pelvic region and not by the spine or shoulders. So adjust the height of the backpack such that the center of the bag is around the waist of the child.

      • Compartments

        Smaller kids usually won't require much compartments in a backpack, as they usually won't carry a lot of things. So they can go with a simple kid's backpack with one or two compartments. While your elder kid can benefit more from the interior organization and pockets of the bag. 

        • Zippers

          Make sure the zippers are strong and slide smoothly, so your child is never stuck with them to take things out or keep them back.

          • Personalizing Your Backpack

          You would like to personalize your kid's backpack to help him/her identify it. But it is not a good idea to have their name written on the school backpack. This could pose a security risk, as strangers could easily read and know their names. alternatively you could print their initials on it to keep it identifiable and secure.

          And lastly have a backpack that is bright and colorful to engage your child's attention and make going to school a thing to look forward to.

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