How to Wear a Baby Wrap Carrier

Relaxed Baby Wraps or Sling Wraps are versatile comfortable carriers that can be used right from the time baby is born to when they are around 2 years of age. It can hold a weight of about 16 kgs. In the initial months baby should be carried in front as baby's body is not ready for the back carrying position. As baby's body grows, you may carry on the back (recommended after 8-9 months of age).

We have compiled a series of various ways to carry a baby in a baby wrap in the form of pictures and videos to demonstrate the art of baby-wearing.

To start with here are a few illustrations of the front cross wrap position.

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Once the wrap is tied, place the baby in the wrap as shown below:

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For detailed demonstration, view the videos by a Trained and Certified Wrap Instructor.

1. Traditional Sling Carry with a New Born

2. Front wrap cross carry with nursing

3. Front reinforced torso sling carry


4. Hip wrap cross carry

5. Secure High back carry

6. Back Wrap Cross Carry

Adapted with Special Thanks to Rachel:

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  • Very informative. I only knew one way to wear my baby. But after viewing all the videos, I know now it is much more a versatile carrier than I ever thought a Wrap was. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Thank you for posting this, Relaxed Parent. I find this so useful to wear my wrap. Didn’t know earlier about some of the ways to wear this earlier. You guys are doing a great service for the new mothers!!

    Pooja Sinha

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