Celebrating Baby's First Christmas

Baby's first Christmas is an event of a life-time! Make this special occasion all the more special with these simple tips, festive decor, Christmas eve traditions and ways to capture the cute moments.

Now that you’re a parent, make this event memorable for your little one and family by creating lovely keepsakes, and vivid audio visual memories.


Christmas Themed Costumes
Get your kid dressed up as the cutest little Santa in the neighborhood with these festive costumes from Relaxed Parent. A Santa costume or Santa's little helper dress could foster the festive spirit and create social media worthy photo albums. 

Cuddle up in Cozy Christmas Blankets

Christmas is also a time to huddle and cuddle in warm blankets. Get these cute Santa, Snowman, Penguin or Elk blankets to bring home the festive feel and warmly cuddle with your little one and keep taking it out year after year to refresh those first Christmas memories.

Christmas Themed Swaddles Or Photo Props

Knitted with love, these thoughtfully designed woolen swaddle bags are a real delight to see your baby in. Photography prop swaddle bags specially designed, for little ones. Capture those innocent moments with the warmth of Christmas, just in time before they grow too big for these!

Create a Photo Op 
You may not realize it, but your babe’s at an ideal age to get some great snaps. She can’t run out of the frame, and although it might be hard to get her into it, she can’t pull off that sweet holiday outfit you bought for her. Shoot when you get as much natural light as possible, and use your tree or stocking-filled mantel as a background. Be sure to take a lot of photos to get just the right shot.


New parents love clicking baby photos at every chance they get. Give a creative twist to this passion. Create holiday cards with baby's cute photos and these could be the perfect excuse to foist your baby’s adorableness on pretty much everyone in your address book, so take advantage with a photo card.

Meet Santa

Sure, your baby has no idea who the portly guy in red is. But you do, and so do your parents, who will get a big thrill out of seeing your babe (even if he’s screaming) sitting on Santa’s lap in photos. Also, enjoy the total lack of interest in getting on Santa’s gift list—it won’t last! You could even dress up the little one in a Santa Romper or Santa Costume!


Visit the Grandparents

Festivals are a good time to bond and visit parents. Grand parents eagerly await to hold their grandchildren, more so on a first Christmas. Delight them with a visit or have them come over to visit you. Let family ties get stronger with little ones.

Entertain the Family With Christmas Finger Puppets

You and the family could add fun to your Christmas celebration with a fun activity of finger puppets. Kids love this and the smiles will cheer up up the entire family!

Christmas Keepsakes & Ornaments

Create baby footprint or hand-print crafts, or keepsake ornaments. Those tiny hands and feet will grow big very soon. Make a baby memory box to keep those little keepsakes and ornaments to pull out and view when your baby grows up and reminisce these times.

Light Up a Baby Candle

Light up Christmas with a lovely baby candle. It will excite you to decorate the Christmas cake for Newborn Gathering. Or simply keep it as a souvenir for those beautiful memories when you entered parenthood!


Have a Merry Christmas

-with lots of love from all of us at Relaxed Parent.


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