Celebrating Baby's First Christmas

Baby's first Christmas is filled with a special joy and memorable milestones. Try our tips to make the first holiday season special with festive decor, Christmas eve traditions and ways to capture the cute moments.

The most wonderful time of year is even more wonderful now that you’re a parent. Revel in this once-in-a-lifetime moment with our tips and tricks for creating traditions, taking photos, keeping travel stress-free and more.

Go All Out on the Holiday Card
If there’s one thing new parents love, it’s whipping out baby photos every chance they get. Holiday cards are the perfect excuse to foist your baby’s adorableness on pretty much everyone in your address book, so take advantage with a photo card 

Splurge on Christmas Pajamas
Nothing amps up the Christmas morning cute factor like a pair of cuddly holiday pajamas. Sure, your baby can only wear them for a month, but if you get something unisex, you can hand them down to the next kid.

Choose a Gorgeous Stocking Sleeping Bag
This stocking will hold your most precious gift; your Baby! Let him cuddle in the cozy stocking while you click memorable pictures.

Start a New Family Tradition
As much as you’ll be influenced by how you grew up, it’s also fun to come up with something that’s all your own. Make it a ritual to read the same special holiday book each year, watch retro holiday specials like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Visit Santa
Sure, your baby has no idea who the portly guy in red is. But you do, and so do your parents, who will get a big thrill out of seeing your babe (even if he’s screaming) sitting on Santa’s lap in photos. Also, enjoy the total lack of interest in getting on Santa’s gift list—it won’t last! You could even dress up the little one in a Santa Romper or Santa Costume!

Buy a Baby Candle
Bring this home as the memory of the light the little one has brought into your lives, and this first Christmas is just the right time to get it. So commemorate it with Baby Candle.

Create a Photo Op 
You may not realize it, but your babe’s at an ideal age to get some great snaps. She can’t run out of the frame, and although it might be hard to get her into it, she can’t pull off that sweet holiday outfit you bought for her. Shoot when you get as much natural light as possible, and use your tree or stocking-filled mantel as a background. Be sure to take a lot of photos to get just the right shot.

Make Travel Painless
If your family’s far away, the holidays might include baby’s first plane ride. Don’t weigh yourself down by over-packing; packs of diapers and formula can be bought at your destination, and you’ll most likely be able to do laundry wherever you are staying. However, do pack about one diaper for every hour of travel (you do not want to run out at 30,000 feet) and include plenty of wipes. Make travel with your baby easy with light & easy to carry diaper backpacks, portable strollers, and uniquely designed baby feeding bottles, that have inbuilt formula dispensers.

Cuddle up in Cozy Christmas Blankets

Get this cute Santa, Snowman, Penguin or Elk blankets to bring home the festive feel and warmly cuddle with your little one and keep taking it out year after year to refresh those first Christmas memories.

Entertain the Family With Christmas Finger Puppets

You and the family could add fun to your Christmas celebration with a fun activity of finger puppets. Kids love this and the smiles will cheer up up the entire family!

And have fun, give gifts, share smiles and hugs! Have a Merry Christmas

-with lots of love from all of us at Relaxed Parent.



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