Quick Ideas for Celebrating Baby's First Halloween

The very first Halloween after your baby's birth definitely calls for a celebration. This is the most awaited occasion for parents to dress their cute, adorable children in fancy costumes and stage sweet photo shoots starring their bundles of joy!

Decorating your home with jack-o'-lanterns or dressing up your baby like one. Hosting a fun-filled party or a social media worthy family photo shoot, Halloween could bring up many such ideas like this! We compiled some of these for you to create a memorable first Halloween. Read on to discover how you could make it happen.

Create Child-Friendly Halloween Jack-o'-Lanterns

With a small kid around the house you may want to do a quick set up than spend time carving out jack-o-lanterns. Buy plastic pumpkin buckets to create plastic bucket pumpkin totems or small plastic cup jack-o-lanterns with LED lights. Make sure you use LED tealights and NOT the real candles! And your jack-o-lanterns are ready in a jiffy. You could also opt for paper lanterns, they are easy to set up and eco-friendly too.

Decorate With Baby-Friendly Accents

Your little one likely won't appreciate the thrill of spooky skeletons and gruesome ghosts for another decade, but they'll adore lighthearted accents that channel the softer side of Halloween.

Leave the gory monsters for another time, and instead fill your home with smiling pumpkins and that's more inviting than eerie.

 Make Costume Selection a Family Affair

The only thing more adorable than a baby dressed for Halloween is a family with a collective costume! In order to channel the spirit of Halloween and stand in solidarity with your bundle of joy, devise a group costume that transforms your baby into the star of the show. Get this for your family in our Halloween collection

Keep the costume simple

Babies are messy. So keep spit-up and accidents in mind when you start squandering your precious sleep time sewing an amazing costume or splurging on something fancy. You may be better off getting something inexpensive, or asking your fellow mom pals for a totally adorable hand-me-down. Better yet? Opt for a festive-colored onesie, and DIY an accessory or two. Or don't. After all, your baby is cute enough on his own!

Go for a festive photo shoot

Baby might not be the happiest camper when you sit him inside of a pumpkin or take him to a pumpkin patch, but can you imagine how many double-taps your Instagram post will get?! One easy—and super sweet—way to commemorate baby's first Halloween: Carve or paint a pumpkin with baby's name and the year, and snap his picture with it.

Host trick or treat at your place

This is baby's first Halloween. She will have so many more years to walk around in adorable costumes, collecting a tub full of candy (that you'll sneak pieces out of for months!). Don't put a ton of pressure on yourself to dress up, or carry baby's massive bag of must-haves, and visit everyone from grandma to your co-worker. Instead, consider having a spooky meet-and-greet and invite everyone over.

Get together friends and relatives to have a look at all of you dressed up in your festive costumes. Make some themed cup-cakes and pumpkin candy to match with the Halloween decor. Have fun, click pictures and create memories to show these pictures to your kids as they grow up.

Wishing you & your family a Happy Halloween preparation from all of us at
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