10 Innovative Gifts For New Age Parents

As a new parent, life could be quite overwhelming. Some expert advice coupled with innovative products just gets it running smooth. But the joy of bringing up the little one tops it all!

    Prepare your child for entering the crowd without getting lost in it. While other essential tips do go a long way like teaching your kid their home address, dressing them in uniform clothing, placing name tags on their wrists, or clicking a photo when you go out. The new GPS Tracker SmartWatch helps your children send out SOS signal to you when they need you. It comes with a GPS tracker for you to locate them. The inbuilt camera helps to click pictures and they can even call up to 13 family members with this wrist watch.

    Its worth having this for complete peace of mind while taking your kid out in the crowd! 

    Baby bottle with a formula dispenser base 

    This bottle saves you much space in your diaper bag and the effort to carry a formula can on the go. You can mix the formula when your baby needs the feed, so no need to mix it earlier. The cover of the dispenser compartment keeps it separate from the water above and functions as an agitator when you require to mix.

      Baby bath lotus 

       A bathing pad that offers a soft cushioned padding while you bathe your baby. Bathing babies can be quite a challenge as that wee little body becomes slippery with all the soap and water. This makes sure there is a safe ground for this process.

        Ultra-light portable strollers 

         are a boon for the urban parent. While going out with your baby this comes handy as it can fold with a simple click-flick action with one hand and is light enough to be carried even while holding your baby. Compact folded design even fits in the air-line overhead luggage compartment! So you can take it on your holiday trip even.

          Land baby diaper bag 

           comes with a unique parent friendly design that allows you easy access to buried items with a rear lower zip. It even has a side tissue pocket and front insulated bottle pocket that holds 3 bottles at a time. everything so organised and easy to access !

            Baby banana toothbrush 

             Recommended by Pediatric Dentists, the baby trainer toothbrush serves as baby teether as it is  engineered with stimulating textures.Its massaging bristles provide teething relief to infants. Maintains oral hygiene and promotes healthy habits from an early age. 

            Works as a teether in the beginning and then gets used as a brush. The soft silicon bristles protect the tender skin of the baby while inducing the brushing habits early on.

              Wrist band baby walker 


              This is just the thing you need when you need to go out in crowded places with your toddler. It gives you peace of mind while allowing much freedom to your child. 

              Silicone dish place-mat 


               It's a unique tableware designed especially for kids. Kids will be messy and tend to topple over the tableware, leading to unpleasant spillages requiring much cleaning later. This dish cum place-mat sticks to the table surface ensuring minimum spillage. Could anything be better to serve them !

              Digital baby monitor 
              This is an effective tool to keep an eye on your child while you are working. The display piece in your work station will notify you when your baby needs you. So you can complete your chores and attend on your baby simultaneously! It could also help you give coverage of the time when the baby is with the nanny. 
                Play-mat storage bag 

                This is the most useful gift when your baby starts playing with toys. Its no more a pain to gather up all the stuff, just pull up the drawstrings on the sides of the mat and everything just rolls up into it! You could even take it to the beach or the park for kids to play on! And it offers those toys a free storage space, just hang it behind the door or on the wall and you won't need a cabinet or box to store those toys!

                Know someone who's going to be a new parent? Thinking of what to gift them for this special time in their life? Bring them these memorable gifts, innovations that they'll love to have! 

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