DIY Toddler Activities

1. Baby Play Activity-  The Ribbon Box 

This baby play activity is simple to make! Take a cardboard box or a plastic tote or tub, cut ribbon all the same length and then used a hot glue gun to glue them to the back.

Baby will love to strum his fingers through the ribbons and tug on them.

Please use adult supervision with this activity. Do not leave your baby alone with this activity, in case a ribbon got loose or they got tangled in the ribbon

2. DIY-Sensory Cube Play Activity for Toddlers

This cube with different types of fabrics for babies to touch and look at is a big hit with both parents and kids.

Here’s what you need to make this:

  • cardboard cube
  • 6 different types of fabrics
  • fabric glue
  • scissors


To make the cubes, simply cut the fabric to fit the side of the cube. Then apply fabric glue on the side of the cube and put on the piece of fabric.

It is very easy. The only tricky part is cutting the fabric, since some are harder to cut. I used flannel and furry fabric to make the child feel the difference in touch. Here’s how they turned out!

You'll love watching them play and explore. Babies are so much fun! :)

3. Rainbow Loom Sensory Bottle

Here’s what you'll need to create this sensory bottle:

  • Transparent Plastic bottles filled with water (use a plastic bottle, which can be found at some grocery stores or gas stations)
  • Rainbow loom (99 cents at Hobby Lobby for a pack!) or use colored paper-clips or rubber bands
  • Hot glue gun to glue the lid down

Rainbow loom is a great item to add to a sensory bottle. The bands swirl around nicely whenever the bottle is shaken or tipped it upside down. They look beautiful floating in the tall bottle!

You can use the sensory bottle to play with babies with the following:

  • shake the bottle and show the bottle to baby
  • let the baby shake the bottle
  • roll the bottle

This bottle can also be used with toddlers and preschoolers. Just watching the rainbow bands swirl around is a calming activity… even parents enjoy it!

Other Activities You Could Engage in With Your Toddler

Aqua-Doodle PlayMat

Aqua Doodle Play Mat is a fun drawing board that comes with two magic pens. Kids love to doodle on it. No toxic ink, just fill water in the pen and doodle. Its as safe as plain water! And don't worry the surface doesn't wet as it's base is water-resistant and prevents wetting. So fun and addictive for parents too. A great bonding tool for parents and kids to spend quality fun time together! 

Tent Castle

Remember your childhood when you see your kids play in this lovely fabric playpen. A tent with friends to huddle with can keep them engaged for hours while they stay indoors and you finish up your chores. Its easy to set up, light and portable, you can even carry it to the beach. Get the balls separately to add on the fun quotient!


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  • Superb ideas! Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to try these with my 9 month old.

    Sarah Lee

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