The ABC of Safe Baby-Wearing

Whether baby-wearing comes naturally to you or you require practice to get used to it; remembering these 3 basics of baby-wearing can help you achieve a safe and comfortable fit for you and your baby.


Ensure baby's airway stays open by keeping chin off the chest and allow fresh air to circulate around baby's face. Keep the child in such a position that the child's head is at a height that is close enough for you to kiss and in view at all times. 

Body Positioning: 

Be sure the carrier supports baby in a way that is appropriate to his/her level of neck and trunk control and prevents slumping, ideally with baby's knees higher than bum making an 'M' shape where the weight is borne by thighs and bottom.


The carrier should be comfortable for you and baby. If you do not feel comfortable or confident with the carry you are doing, get someone to help you. If you need help in using your baby wrap/carrier, you could watch the videos on the blogs below or enroll in a local baby-wearing class. But practice well until you are confident and comfortable with the carrying.

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  • This is explained so simply. I have used a wrap with my first baby, which I got used to wearing correctly with some trial and error. I wish I had seen something like this early on. Good and easy to adopt.

    Cynthia Teo

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