The 5 Essential Parenting Quotes You Need to Read


Parenting is tough, so though you want to give your best, you need not be 'perfect' as there is no measure for perfection. So just be real, do your best and relax!

Children learn better by example. 

No toys or goodies can replace a loving hug or quality time spent playing with your children. Kids are the ones who don't love you for your looks, status or money, they love just YOU! Respect this unconditional love and reciprocate it! It's most precious.

Respect your partner as that's how your kids will learn to treat others in their lives. If there is a loving and respectful relationship, between you and your partner, you can expect your kids to establish harmonious relationships when they grow up.


Let your children know that you care!

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  • Each quote is worth a ton of praise! Seems it has been compiled by a motherly voice; so gentle and so touching.

    Nancy Marker

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