Stretchy Baby Wrap vs Wear like a T-Shirt Baby Carrier

If you're finding yourself indecisive between buying a "traditional long stretchy baby wrap" or a "wear like a T-shirt" baby carrier, read here the pros and cons of both.

Traditional Long Stretchy Baby Wrap

Yes it looks like yards of unmanageable fabric at the first look of it, but its adaptability and versatility makes you fall in love with it, once you get to know how to wear it. It requires some practise to get the hang of it. A few You-tube videos to get you familiar with it and then babywearing in the stretchy wrap feels as if it came naturally to you! Yes it isn't that hard.


  • Highly adaptable to wearer size and baby's growing body size
  • Easy to pre-wear and put baby inside or take out baby
  • No worries for bursting seams
  • No separate parts to manage, just one piece to handle


  • Needs Practise
  • Long cloth may 'appear' tedious to wear

Wear like a T-shirt Stretchy Baby Carriers

They look quite easy to put on and off and that's what they are designed for. But the wearer sizes vary and if you're not so sure of the size you want to buy, you could end up buying one that is too loose or too tight. So buy from a physical retail outlet where you can try one to check what fits you best.


  • Quick to put on and off
  • Easy to pre-wear and put baby inside or take out baby
  • No practise required, you can just start off from day one


  • Not that adaptable to wearer size and baby's growing weight
  • Fabric tends to sag and loosens grip after few uses
  • Separate belt if lost, the product is no longer useful
  • Seams could burst if weight is exceeded

 Whichever baby carrier you choose to wear, remember the babywearing safety TICKS.

T- Tight Enough

I- In view at all times

C- Close enough to kiss

K- Keep chin off the chest

S- Straight back

Wish you happy & safe babywearing!

Few of our stretchy wraps are listed here for your viewing.


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