Silicone Baby Bottles Vs Plastic Bottles


With the shift in focus from convenience to safety, parents in past one decade have been looking for a safer option to plastic feeding bottles. Thanks to scientific research, the eco-friendly Silicone offers a relief and a safer and non-toxic alternative to plastic bottles.
Following this, a lot of baby bottle manufacturers are turning to silicone as a preferred material to use for baby bottles. Besides being BPA-free, silicone is flexible, can be safely heated, is dishwasher safe and resistant to scratches.
The Valueder Silicone Baby Bottle has a soft air silicone base which allows the parent to gentle squeeze the base to aid in feeding and its cap includes anti-colic vents.
Since this bottle is flexible and squeezable it can reduce the entrapped air to help reduce gas and the flexible silicone nipple aids in supporting the natural suckling action of the infant.

Silicone feeding products are made from materials entirely free of BPA as well as phthalates, lead and PVC.

Now, parents who are concerned about the health of their babies have a safe and natural alternative to plastic baby bottles.

Silicone bottle manufacturers, claim that due to the flexible nature of silicone, bottle feeding with their bottles provides the infant with a more natural feeding experience and could help to curb colic and gas. In addition, the bottle’s one-way venting system can also assist in reducing the chance of colic.


Plastic bottles are tempting–they are inexpensive, readily available, lightweight, and hard to break. But plastic leeches chemicals, some of which are known endocrine disruptors (BPA).

Don’t be fooled by “BPA-free” labels. BPA-free plastics that contain BPA substitutes like BPS are possibly just as bad, if not worse. Bottom line: If you want non-toxic baby bottles, you’ll never be buying any kind of plastic

At least parents now have a number of alternatives when it comes to making a decision about the baby bottle they will use for their child.

While steel bottles could be heavy, glass ones could be brittle and plastics toxic, Silicone bottles offer a safe, non-toxic solution for your baby's feeding needs.

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