Secrets of a Diaper Bag

Diaper bag or Baby Bag or Nappy bag is a storage bag with many organized pocket like spaces that is big enough to carry everything needed by someone taking care of a baby while taking a typical short outing.

Being out with a baby is like an adventure: Will you be able to find a clean pacifier with one hand before she starts crying? Can you fold down the changing table in the gas station restroom and set up for business without letting baby or diaper bag touch the filthy floor? The right bag can make you feel comfortable in just about any situation.

It should fit everything you'll need to take care of a baby–whether for that emergency diaper change or a an outing with friends. Besides diapers, it'll contain baby's extra clothes, snacks, and toys. Since you will carry it everywhere you go, consider one large enough to hold some of your stuff, too. Many feature sections to hold your iPod, wallet, cell phone and more. Many bags, such as the Land Diaper Bag from, have specially designated areas for your cell phone, wallet and keys–helping to make sure they stay dry and you stay organized. 

You could save money by using a bag you already own. Some parents find a structured tote like a laptop bag works well. But bags designed specifically for baby needs products usually have more pockets—some up to 14. Plus they usually come standard with an insulated bottle pockets, compartments for baby wipes, and lightly padded shoulder straps. 

Keep your partner in mind when choosing a bag. One parent might prefer a backpack style to more evenly distribute the bag's weight, while another might like a messenger style. When it comes to fabric patterns, get one that neither of you will mind carrying. If you can't agree on one bag, get a second one—and stock them so you're both ready to head out the door.

Opt for a bag that leaves your hands free, such as a backpack, sling, or messenger-style with a diagonal strap.

Many bags can convert into a backpack style. Others are very simple "sling" styles that are great for quick trips. 

A bag that allows your torso to bear the brunt of the weight you're carrying is better for your neck and shoulders. With this type of bag, you won't have to balance your baby in one hand and a bag in the other. A hands-free bag will also make it easier to juggle a stroller and shopping bags while keeping up with an energetic toddler—that'll be your baby in no time—when you run errands.

You can buy a bag designed to hang on your stroller's handlebar or clips that give you the same option with other bags, but we don't recommend this because the weight might cause the stroller to tip backward.




There are many types of diaper bags, including backpack, messenger, and tote styles—the three most popular. Most come with a padded mat for changing a baby's diaper on the go.

A backpack diaper bag looks like a regular backpack but with extra pockets to hold wipes and changing pads, among other items. This gives you much of room to stash your stuff and distributes the load on your shoulders evenly.

The messenger-style bag (sometimes also referred to as sling style) has one strap and can be carried on a shoulder or across your chest. They are often designed with dads in mind, but you can find them in almost any variation, from unisex to floral. 

A tote-style looks like an overgrown handbag. Like other bags, some include extra pockets and space for cell phones and more. Some tote styles, such as the Comhoney Diaper bag, come with magnificent design that you may love for the tons of space it provides you. .

Stroller Handlebar Bags: A Bad Idea
Another variation, sometimes called a "stroller diaper bag," is basically a tote-style but designed with longer straps to fit on the back of a stroller's handlebars. Models are available for double strollers as well as single. Some of these stroller bags have clips. You can buy separate clips to fasten any bag to your stroller.

Consumer Reports advises against hanging anything on the handlebar of a stroller because the weight might cause the stroller to tip backward. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association agrees.

Other Styles and Trends
Hobo bags mimic the style from handbag fashionistas.

Some sling-style diaper bags are designed to be smaller for quick outings. Like a messenger bag, it has a strap that can cross your chest, but because it's compact it can fit snugly.

Last and least are mini bags, which are made to fit inside something else. They look like a small handbag or clutch.

Before you're seduced by all the choices in shape, style, fabric, and fashion, think about where you'll be bringing the bag and what will work best for you. You will want something more substantial for a day trip, when you need to pack an extra outfit for your baby, your cell phone and wallet, and a day's worth of juice boxes or formula.

Practicality is paramount, but a diaper bag can still be a fashion accessory. If you want that silk-covered bag with great graphics and colors, just make sure the interior is nylon or microfiber so you can clean up after the wet diapers and spilled milk. Colorland diaper bags, for example, are machine washable, have light-colored interiors that make it easy to see inside, and are easy to wipe clean. Plus they're treated with an antimicrobial finish. You can also easily find something more subdued but modern, like stripes or polka dots diaper bag

Be systematic about how you organize your diaper bag. Don't have enough pockets to stash your stuff? Extra diapers can go inside a large plastic bag, while a backup pacifier can go in a smaller one. However you decide to organize and use the bag, do it the same way each time and a messy diaper change will be no big deal.

You can head to for a variety of selections and choices, apt for every event out with your baby. Happy Parenting :)


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