A Stroller or a Baby Carrier: Points to Consider While Choosing

Carrying a baby can be joyful as well as challenging. A baby is delicate, and dependent on you for his/her safety in transport, hence a lot of care goes into how you hold a baby while moving. Newborns are lighter and easier to carry in your arms, but as they grow heavier, you might need a baby carrier or a stroller to support you in the task.

While having to make a choice for baby transport a few points may be worth taking note of.

  • Climatic Considerations

Take into consideration the climate of your area of residence before choosing a stroller or a baby carrier. Summers can be tough for baby wearing, so strollers can offer relief in the sweaty hot climate. While cold winters invite a cosy hug, and baby-wearing can be something you can really look forward to. However, cotton fabric, light and breathable baby carriers can be convenient to carry even in the summer heat.

  • How Long Do You Plan to Baby-Wear?

Baby wearing can get exhausting as your baby grows in age and size. But they are really handy in the early years. While strollers can seem bulky to carry around, a carrier can easily fold to fit into a bag and carry almost anywhere. One can plan to have an economical baby carrier for early years and a lightweight pram for later years. Tricycle strollers can be another money saving option at this stage. When the baby outgrows the stroller stage you need not spend for a tricycle to get those little legs pedal for an early exercise.

  • Edge of Baby Carriers Over Strollers

While going up the stairs, in crowded places, or taking local transport with your baby,baby-wearing seems a more convenient, safer and hands-free option. It is also the most convenient enabler to do your daily chores while staying close to your baby to attend on.

  • Advantages of Strollers Over Baby Carriers

Strollers can be less exhausting if you need to walk long distances while carrying your baby. They are the most preferred in hotter climates, and rainy seasons; as they usually come with rain covers and canopies. 

A stroller could even help you carry groceries in it while shopping! If public transports in your areas allow open strollers, then it becomes all the more convenient, but make sure not to carry too bulky ones inside a bus or train for the sake of other passengers. Use light weight strollers for such adventures!

In a recent poll conducted in our community of Young Mommy on FaceBook regarding the preferred means of baby transport, some members shared their views on this.

Here's what our forum members had to say

Sasha Quinn voted for a Baby Carrier, saying  " Carrier! a savior for my daily needs. Got some free hands to do lots of things & travelling to & fro is sooooooo convenient! Especially if taking public transport during peak hours! Plus, it's a fashion accessory for mummies like me!"

While Jena Lxy preferred a stroller, here's what she had to say about it:

"My little one simply refuses to be in a baby carrier since birth, he prefers being carried in my arms instead - and it makes him feel more secured as well, especially in new places he hasn't been to before.

Strollers make it easier for me to travel around wit
h him because he's getting bigger now (17 months old, 10kg+) so I can't carry him for long periods - so travelling about is mostly with a stroller even though he can walk. Strollers help to "carry" groceries and shopping items too!"

Well some parents actually go for both, and use either the stroller or the baby carrier as per the convenience and need of situations. You could even go for renting out if you're not looking to spend too much for only a few years. But make sure the carriers and strollers are well washed and hygienic for your baby before renting one. As there's no compromise on safety and hygiene when it comes to raising babies!

Whatever your choice, we at Relaxed Parent wish you Happy Parenting!

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