Organizing Your Diaper Bag

Have you ever experienced this; that you went out with the baby and you forgot to bring something in the diaper bag? You may have forgotten a diaper, wipes, or extra clothes. Has the baby ever pooped up the back and you didn’t have any clothes while you were out? Perhaps, you have everything in your diaper bag, but you can never find what you’re looking for. You have to dig through the bag and everything you pull out is not the thing you were looking for. These are just some of the frustrations when our diaper bag is not organized.

The trick to finding out everything in the right place in the bag is to use large Zip-lock bags. A separate labelled transparent bag for each item, so you can keep track of what to replenish when it is finished or needs to be changed.

List out the essentials first and assign each of them a separate bag. Plus keep an extra plastic bag  for soiled diapers to be disposed off.

  • Diapers
  • Wet- tissues/wipes
  • Extra Clothing with bibs
  • Changing mat
  • Baby food
  • Baby feed bottles & water bottle
  • Baby cream and medicines
  • Extra bag for waste disposal

The LAND diaper bag comes with such a mommy-friendly design that it has separate compartments for all this stuff. Still putting them in separate zip-lock bags makes it neat, hassle free and so much more easy to access and remember to take while going out!

Separate insulated bottle compartment at the front keeps the interior of the bag free from any spillage and maintains the temperature of the water as desired.

To make sure the baby feed doesn't get spoiled over long duration while being out, you can use the  feeding bottle which comes with a separate formula dispenser. So you can prepare the bottle at home, mix it on the go and feed anywhere! No hassle of carrying a separate formula can now.


And with this bag you don't need to dig very deep to find the items lying at a depth as it has a rear quick access zipped window for getting those things lying in the deeper layers of the bag! 

And safely place the tissue box in the side slot, so your messy hands grab them quickly without needing to search for them inside the bag and messing up other things!

With this bag, I bet, you'll never forget a thing while going out with your baby!

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