Importance of a school bag in a child’s life

As schools reopen after the summer vacations and we shop school supplies for kids, the most important thing to shop for is the school bag, that holds all those supplies; carries them to school, keeps them safe while at school and comes handy in transporting all that stuff to and from school to home.
After home, the early years of a child are marked by school life. The years spent in school are memorable moments. The first yarn of the fabric of memories is woven in the courtyard of the school. School a place to learn everything from the first letters of the alphabet to the complex problems of mathematics and science becomes a child’s first home away from home!
When parents send their kids to school for the first time, they lovingly pack their small backpacks with toys, snacks, extra clothing and a lot of love. This tiny school bag serves more than just a sack for carrying things, it becomes a bridge between home and school. It becomes a silent token of parent’s love traveling with the child to school in the morning, and a gift packed with knowledge from the teacher, when they return home from school.
Make these loving moments memorable for your child. Pack these small bags with a lot more love!

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