How to be a Relaxed Parent - Ultimate Parenting Hacks - Part-2

Welcome back to our blog. We hope you found the parenting hacks mentioned in Part-1 of this article to be useful.

We've got some more parenting tips for you this week, to get you more skilled at the art of being a Relaxed Parent!


    Use a plastic laundry basket in baby's bath tub, to prevent baby's bums from sliding around a slippery bath-tub floor. Put the bath toys inside the laundry basket to ensure they don't float out of arm's reach. A laundry basket with enough holes could also prevent the baby from drowning. You still have to be careful though! 


    Kids can get locked inside the bathroom of their rooms. In order to prevent this, buy some rubber bands (the thick ones) and put them the way you see in the photo. Alternatively place a door stopper on the door to keep it open.


    This will keep your doors always open.


    If your toddler can't reach the faucets just grab an old shampoo or lotion bottle and cut it the way you see in the picture. Stick it in your faucets and it will make an incredible faucet extender for your kids. 


    If your kid is scared at night and afraid of monsters, you can use a spray bottle to help. Just decorate it and fill it with water and say that it's a very effective Anti-Monster spray and keep it in the night table.

    Alternatively make Monster Swatters by decorating insect swatters with monster stickers and beat away the monsters before sleep. 


    School projects are a parent nightmare. But if that school project involves glitter, it's just criminal. Let's face it: If you are a parent you will have your house full of glitter eventually. To clean the mess, grab a Lint Roller. Glitter will stick to it in a second. Alternatively use broad Sticky Tape to gather the glitter. 


    If your kid grabbed a permanent marker and wrote all over your wooden furniture. Don't panic. Everything will be OK. Simply clean them with toothpaste. Yes, really. Here's a list of materials you can use for cleaning permanent marker from other surfaces 


    Hang a shoe organizer behind your car seat and put all your kid's things in there.

    This way you will have your car organized and you kid can reach the stuff without you having to stop the car.  


    If you are tired of bending four times in a row while you are making dinner or watching TV, you can clip the toys from your baby's gym to the high chair so your toddler can play and the toys don't fall. 

    • CUPS

    If by the end of the days there's more cups in the sink than in the shelf, this is a fun solution. Stick some magnets to a plastic or paper cup. That way you can put it in your fridge door. Your kids will love it and they will always use the same one. 

    • FUN FOOD

    Most kids just hate veggies. There's a fun solution for that: Make it chocolaty or colorful. Smear veggies with a mix of cocoa butter & sugar or add some edible sprinkles to every food and your kid will enjoy it. 


    To keep apples fresh till lunch and avoid that brownish color that kids hate just cut them in slices and put them back together using a rubber band.

     Keep coming back to our blog for more tips and don't forget to share them with other parents! See you soon :)


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