How to be a Relaxed Parent - Ultimate Parenting Hacks - Part 1

Being a parent is a tough job and it doesn't come with an instruction manual . For some new parents, being a relaxed parent might seem a far cry from reality.

You might feel that all you can do is, do your best and be hopeful that your kids might be thankful.

But if you need some help, just Relax and read on. We've gathered some clever, useful and surprising hacks to keep you saying "Ah! why didn't I think of that?"

So if you want to be a Relaxed Parent continue reading.....these hacks are for you. 


    Pelican bibs have a pocket at the bottom to catch the food in as it falls. These bibs stop so much food from falling on the floor, and means less clean up for you! And being made of silicone, they are waterproof and keep baby's clothes from wetting. Get one for your little one here

      If you want to cut with the pacifier you have to do exactly that: cut it. Cut a little bit of it every day. Soon, your kid won't like the feeling of it and will throw it away by himself. Keep it clean! This method is recommended by pediatric dentists to keep baby's growing teeth in shape, and avoids the formation of rabbit teeth.

      Kids hate having their nails cut. Keep yourself stress free and avoid some unwanted finger cutting by waiting till your toddler is asleep. If you do it twenty minutes later, he will be so deep asleep he won't even notice. Use an electric nail trimmer or nail file for smoother results and hassle free trimming.


            Is your toddler always wearing the wrong shoe in the wrong foot? Buy a stickers sheet and cut them in half. Then, put each half inside a shoe. Try to make the stickers fun and understandable so your kid will know which one is the left and which one is the right.


              Summer is kid's favorite season. It means sun, and water, and… ice pops. But they can be a dripping nightmare. To avoid the mess, put a cupcake paper liner in the stick. It is also fun to custom the liners for birthdays and parties.

              • STOP SPILLING
              Maybe you have a sipper-cup at home. But if you don't, or if you are visiting a friend, just ask for plastic wrap and seal the glass after filling it. Then make a hole with the straw and the rugs and furniture will be secure. 
              You can also carry the spill-proof Suction Placemat Dish,
              Kids will find it hard to remove from the table. No more mess for you to clean. Get your suction place-mat dish >> here.

              • HIDE THE CANDY 

              Kids want candies all the time. And they can get up in the middle of the night, without you knowing it, and attack all the candy supplies. To avoid that, just put the candy inside a healthy snack empty bag. Your toddler will never check inside of it.

              • THE MEDICINE LOLLY 
              Kids hate taking medicine. Best way to give it to them is without their knowing what it is. Dip a lolly-pop in the medicine and they'll lick it happily. By the time they figure out what it was, it will already be down their gut.
              That was so smart of you. Want to know more parenting hacks?
              Stay tuned for more tips coming up soon.....  :)

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