Growing With Your Child

Every child is unique, and responds and reacts in his or her own special way to people, objects, environments and even routines. These differences in responses and reactions make up a child's temperament. Understanding your child's temperament and adjusting to it can help build positive bonds and relationships.
Babies share a universal language at this tender age. At this stage of your baby's life, they need milk, sleep and lots of comfort. How you interact and bond with your child will aid in your child's development. For example, when changing baby's diaper, talk to them gently or you can even sing. This will not only comfort, but also engage baby's attention to the familiar sound of your voice. And always maintain eye contact.
Sounds are very intriguing at this stage. So go ahead and click your tongue, rustle up some paper or shake a rattle.
As for sight, black and white shades, as well as patterns help attract and keep babies focus. Babies will also track objects that they are attracted to with their eyes.
After a few months, your baby has developed physically, cognitively and emotionally. They are now familiar with their surroundings and the adults around them.
And as they grow and develop, new needs arise. At this stage, babies are more alert and expressive. They move their arms and legs more and make all kinds of sounds. Your baby will also enjoy taking in new sights and sounds. A daily stroll outdoors is a wonderful experience for both baby and parents.
Parents are a baby's best teachers. So don't hold back.


Every parent will find their own way to be in tune with their baby, which allows parent and child to develop intimate relationships and grow together. Discover what is unique and special about your child. Physical and aural communication are key in fostering a bond.

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