Getting Organised as a New Parent

Once the baby arrives there will be lots of addition to the house in terms of baby-stuff. Before you feel overwhelmed with the arrival of your baby, its good to get organised in your lifestyle, so you can handle things better with the little one. 

We collected some useful tips that could help you save your time and effort in keeping and finding things around the house with a baby. Take a look and try these.

  • Sorting : Getting your things sorted, as to what is required and not required. Do away with unwanted stuff as you would do in spring cleaning. So that there are lesser things to distract you.
  • Sectioning: It will be good to designate areas for similar things beforehand. You could plan that ahead of baby's arrival.
  1. Select things of similar usage to be placed closely, for example designate a shelf for baby-food; where you can keep the feeding bottles, formula cans, bottle warmer etc.                        
  2. Labels on cans, baskets and shelves could help save you much time in finding the items 
  3. Using transparent storage bins/boxes could help locate things much easily and quickly                                    
  4. Utilize doors for hanging things to save on space 
  • Calendars/ Reminders: Print out an immunization chart with expected dates and hang it around, so you never miss an immunization schedule. You could even put reminders/alarms on your phone for that. 
  • Organisation Tools: Make use of things that help you get more organised, like a baby-crib storage organizer bag or a transparent hanging storage bag. Shelved racks, labels, and sticky notes are good friends of an organised parent! :)                                                                                           
  • Stay Organised On the Go: Let being organised become a way of life with you, even when you are going out with your baby. For going out, use a well segmented diaper bag like the very popular LAND Baby Diaper Bag, and Play-Pouch for toys which comes handy as a play-mat also.
For more tips on organizing your baby's wardrobe, stay tuned for our next blog-post next week! 

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