Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Carriers

With a variety of baby carrier products flooding the market and all sorts of terminologies that can be quite mind-boggling for a new parent, a few frequently asked questions about baby carriers are answered here

What are Baby Carriers with Hip Seat?

These type of carriers usually come with a detachable hip-seat which can be used separately also. The hip-seat is designed with an incline to aid proper posture in baby so its weight is evenly distributed. This also helps to ease off weight on the lower back of care-giver carrying the baby.

What are 4-position 360 Baby Carriers?

Any baby carrier which is designed to hold baby in these four positions, that is horizontal, face-to-face, forward facing and back-carry positions is termed as 4-position 360 baby carrier. These various positions to carry come at various stages of baby's growth. Newborns should be either held in horizontal position up to at least 3 months and vertical face to face position should be adopted when baby can hold head and neck. Some carriers with head support aid vertical carrying of babies who are still in process of holding the neck upright. Back-carrying position should be adopted only after baby is 6 months of age.

Why is a baby insert used in a baby carrier?

A baby insert is an additional padding used to fit the baby more snugly into the carrier. These can be used for very small sized babies. This could however get warm for warm weathers. Adjustable carriers that can adjust to baby size do not require this insert.

What is a 4-season baby carrier?

Some baby carriers come with a removable layer of covering on the outer shell. The layering when removed reveals a layer of breathable mesh fabric. This outer layer can be used in cold weather to provide extra warmth, while in summer season this can be removed to make the carrier more breathable and less sweaty for baby in the warm weather. Such carriers are termed as 'All-season or 4-season carriers'.

What is the right baby carrier for my baby or how to choose a baby carrier?

There are several things you should evaluate before purchasing a baby carrier. Carefully check the options and recommendations before acquiring a method like this. Learn how to use this portage, as it will help your baby and you to enter into trust and create the best of links.

  • Consider your baby's weight: Backpacks are designed to carry the baby from birth. It is not advisable to take the baby of less than 3.5 kilos, not more than 15 kilos. More than this weight, it could represent muscular fatigue for the parents.
  • Position of the baby in the backpack: The ideal posture to carry the baby in these backpacks is in the front; in face to face position, at least for the first 6 months. The baby should be visible to you. Only when he can hold the head and trunk, should you switch to the front facing position. Carry them forward for first six months. Back carrying position should be opted for only after baby has learned how to sit and is over six months.
  • Forget about those myths that say the backpack causes hip dysplasia in babies. On the contrary, it can have a protective effect on the back and hips, since its shape allows the joints to generate force, and favors the nutrition of the articular cartilage.
  • Know which backpack to choose. You should choose a safe, comfortable, lightweight and easy to remove and put on backpack. It must have an adequate position to sit the baby, avoiding to exert too much compression that can generate injuries to the baby. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, waist belt should be wide and adjustable to ease pressure on your lower back.  It must give a correct support, that allows to distribute the weight of the baby avoiding the muscular fatigue. The fabric should be suitable for each type of weather.. Washable and breathable.
  • Baby carrier backpacks are not recommended for twins. Since it considerably limits the contact between the carrier and the baby, besides that can produce injuries in the carrier.

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