Secrets of a Maternity Closet

While you prepare baby items for your baby's arrival, you'll need some Mommy Gear for yourself too. You need not to have a very expensive or fashionable maternity wardrobe. Something that's loose, comfortable and adaptable to your changing body is just what you need. The size will keep altering until a year to get stable. We listed here some essentials that you could count on...

  1. A comfy cross-over bra 

For the comfortable feeding experience you might want to go for a maternity bra. But maternity bras are tricky things!! Even if you find one you love, your body shape will change and it won’t fit you any more, so you might have to dump it after some time.  However, most bras don’t adjust much to fit your changing breasts, so you could actually do better with a simple cross-over style, like this one from Mom & Baby's Cradle. 

They are soft, comfy and stretchy so they fit even when your breasts are engorged! They are mostly made of cotton so they are comfy enough to wear even at night. 

Even if you don’t normally wear a bra at night you might like one to hold your breast pads in place during the early weeks/months of breastfeeding so you don’t wake up in a pool of milk.

Whilst these crossover bras are not very supportive they are perfect for the early days of resting at home. Would recommend you buy at least four as they will regularly get soaked with breast milk! 

  1. Reusable Breast Pads 

Ideal for nursing mothers, the reusable nursing pads are also environment friendly. They help to soak up the excess milk flow and leave you clean, warm and comfortable. 

    Disposable breast pads sound handy but reusable breast pads are more absorbent, more comfy and don’t make a scrunchy noise when you move!!

    1. Incontinence Pants

    Here’s another goodie you never saw coming before you became a mum!! Nappies for mums! Just go to the chemist and grab yourself some incontinence pants to use for the first week or so after childbirth and you’ll save yourself a lot of laundry as the intense postpartum bleeding can soak through underwear and sheets. 

    Plus they are way more comfortable than those surfboard style pads!!

    1. Belly-Binding

      Simple tubular or Velcro closing belly binding is good enough to hold the internal organs in place after childbirth. It offers the new mum the much needed support on the back and hips. Good to wear during first four weeks after delivery.

      This Belly Binding belt offers a three way support to your waist, belly and pelvis regions which undergo a lot of stress during the child-birth and delivery process. Your body experiences a lot of changes in these parts and could result in organ prolapse and hip and belly sagging. These belts help you get back in shape while offering your back a much needed support at that critical time.

      1. Long Sleeve T-Shirt & Leggings

      Long sleeves are great for breastfeeding in bed and keeping your upper body warm. Maternity tops are great, but regular long sleeve tops are fine as you can have the covers over your torso. 

      You could buy a stack cause you can wear them night and day! In winter you can layer regular tops over maternity tanks for more discrete public breastfeeding.

      Having long sleeves and leggings to wear in bed makes getting up in the cold night a whole lot easier.

       It will keep you warm, comfy, supported and healthy whilst you care for your baby.



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      • I have been too anxious with my first pregnancy. This article provided me a direction on what to prepare and how to go about doing that. Am sure this is useful for even the experienced moms.

        Aisha Titus

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