Babywearing In Summers

Babywearing in summers could feel hot, so what you need for summers is a cool wrap with a thinner breathable fabric, which keeps you cool, and in being thin does not compromise on the strength it should have to carry the baby.

The thicker fabrics of other wraps can make them good options for cooler seasons or climates, but make you a sweaty mess in warmer temperatures. The Relaxed Wrap is made from a relatively thinner piece of soft, breathable modal fabric. There’s zero bulk and it easily folds into a pouch that comes with the wrap. And it doesn’t take up your entire diaper bag when you pack it. 

Secondly you can use the Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder) technique to wrap the baby. The Rucksack TAS  is your best bet for staying cool while wrapping up!

  1. Back carries feel cooler than front carries. Chest to chest could feel hot!
  2. Rucksack is a single layer carry over baby, and with no passes crossing over your chest.
  3. When you do this shorter Rucksack variation that ties at the shoulder, that means you avoid having the wrap around your waist at all.
  4. You’re using a wrap that is flat and thin. It doesn’t have any padding or layers built into it. When you do this carry, you’re not adding layers on top of each other.

You can do Rucksack TAS even with a shorter wrap. Here’s how to do it:

6 Tips for Sun Protection:

Even the FDA recommends against using sun screen on babies under 6 months old so here are some old fashioned methods of protecting yourself from excessive sun exposure.

  1. Find shade frequently or provide your own by using a wide brimmed hat or parasol
  2. Cover baby’s legs and arms with light, loose clothing
  3. Use your wrap or wrap tails to cover baby (but not baby’s face) while still allowing airflow
  4. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are safe for babies and both provide some protection
  5. Avoid being outside for prolonged periods between 10am and 5pm

6 Tips to Avoid Over-heating

  1. Keep yourself hydrated – drink plenty of water
  2. Keep your baby hydrated – if breastfeeding, allow baby to nurse as often as they want, and switch sides as frequently as they like as they will instinctively switch more often when they need more of the watery fore-milk; if using formula, baby may need extra when out on hot days or even supplement with water; babies who are eating solids should drink water frequently
  3. Sticking to the shade makes a huge difference
  4. Make a breeze – use a small clip on fan with foam fan blades, or carry a paper fan with you (or improvise with a magazine)
  5. If using a cooling towel, be attentive to your baby to ensure that he or she is not getting too cold, especially with young babies who are not yet able to regulate temperature well and do not use ice packs or cloths soaked with ice water directly on babies
  6. Take breaks – remove baby from wrap and use the wrap as a blanket for you and baby to hang out on for a few minutes in a shady spot



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      • Good article. What a cool way to explain how to make the most out of baby wearing be it hot summer season. These are all practical things and good you put them all together in one blog. Keep it up.


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