Babywearing in a Baby Wrap - Pros & Cons

Choosing baby gear can be confusing, but every mom knows and will tell you that you never regret using a baby carrier. Here's how we see some pros and cons of babywearing in a baby wrap.


  • Multiple carry positions
  • Offers more control over a snug fit
  • Provides a close nurturing environment
  • Great for skin-to-skin and bonding time with newborns
  • Oftentimes provides a near-instant calming effect for fussy babies, helping them relax and fall asleep
  • Easy to take your little one out of the baby wrap to feed or for diaper changes
  • Napping and nursing-friendly
  • Cheaper than a soft-structured baby carrier
  • Comes in stretchy or woven fabrics, most of which are lightweight, breathable and machine washable
  • Comfortably fits different sizes of moms, dads, grandparents, etc. (you just wrap it around your waist until you get the perfect fit)
  • Ideal for those early postpartum days (pro-tip: just put it on in the morning and leave it on all day. Take baby in and out of the wrap, rather than taking the wrap on and off! Tie it once during the day. Makes it so much easier! You’re in your yoga pants anyway during those early days!)
  • Gender neutral (yes, dads can use baby wraps, too)
  • You can basically move around, hands-free, like you normally would while still bonding with your new baby; just nothing too active.


  • Takes a handful of tries to get the wrapping technique nailed down
  • Isn’t the most convenient for older babies who weigh more and are active and curious about the world around them.

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