Baby Carrier Backpacks: A Super Practical Way To Move Your Baby

Backpacks are comfortable and convenient to have your baby close to you. One of the most comfortable ways to carry your child from one place to another is baby carrier backpacks . Nowadays they are usually used for their practicality, they are an option increasingly chosen over their popular counterparts; the traditional baby-strollers. Which although are very comfortable to carry the baby and bring certain benefits, occupy a lot of space, are usually heavy, difficult maneuvering and transporting, especially in public transport. That is why, the most chosen option for day to day, is baby carrier backpacks, which in addition to the ease of carrying, help strengthen the bond with your baby.

Benefits of baby carrier backpacks

  • Freedom of movement: These backpacks help to move the baby more comfortably , in addition to giving you more freedom , having your hands and arms unoccupied to carry out your daily activities while carrying the baby.
  • Practicality: They are really practical, they help to carry out your daily life without the problem of having to leave the baby in different places to be able to do it. Also it is easier to take it out for a walk or to places nearby, without taking the heavy stroller.
  • Ideal for city trips: If you have to take your baby to places where there are stairs without elevators, or narrow lanes, or crowded gatherings, back-pack carriers are better choice than baby strollers.
  • Less crying: Studies show that babies who are carried in baby carriers cry less and are quieter.
  • Sleep better: It is shown that babies who use the kangaroo method, grow faster as they sleep better because of secure feeling of closeness to the parent.
  • Better psycho-motor development: The constant balancing of the children, generates better balance and control of the posture, so that their body is better adapted to the movement of the mother or father.
  • Decreases Colic: Having the baby vertically and belly against the belly, greatly benefits the child's digestive system. Since child's digestive system is immature, it needs help to expel the gases. This positioning aids this process and decreases risk of colic ailment.
  • Increases Child's Sociability: With the daily contact, the baby integrates to the daily life, so that it is integrated to what the adult does, being part of his talks and walks.
  • Effective Parent-Child Interchange : The baby can create great bonds with the parent. Thanks to the effective sensorial exchange.

Tips for using baby carrier backpacks

There are several things you should evaluate before purchasing a baby carrier. Carefully check the options and recommendations before acquiring a method like this. Learn how to use this portage, as it will help your baby and you to enter into trust and create the best of links.

  • Consider your baby's weight: Backpacks are designed to carry the baby from birth. It is not advisable to take the baby of less than 3.5 kilos, not more than 15 kilos. More than this weight, it could represent muscular fatigue for the parents.
  • Position of the baby in the backpack: The ideal posture to carry the baby in these backpacks is in the front; in face to face position, at least for the first 6 months. The baby should be visible to you. Only when he can hold the head and trunk, should you switch to the front facing position. Carry them forward for first six months. Back carrying position should be opted for only after baby has learned how to sit and is over six months.
  • Forget about those myths that say the backpack causes hip dysplasia in babies. On the contrary, it can have a protective effect on the back and hips, since its shape allows the joints to generate force, and favors the nutrition of the articular cartilage.
  • Know which backpack to choose. You should choose a safe, comfortable, lightweight and easy to remove and put on backpack. It must have an adequate position to sit the baby, avoiding to exert too much compression that can generate injuries to the baby. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, waist belt should be wide and adjustable to ease pressure on your lower back.  It must give a correct support, that allows to distribute the weight of the baby avoiding the muscular fatigue. The fabric should be suitable for each type of weather.. Washable and breathable.
  • Baby carrier backpacks are not recommended for twins. Since it considerably limits the contact between the carrier and the baby, besides that can produce injuries in the carrier.


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