Tips to Make Sure You Never Lose Your Child in a Crowd

Prepare your child for entering the crowd without getting lost in it.

Here are our top 6 ways to protect your young ones:

1. Prepare Your Child

Kids are small, unpredictable and inexperienced. Unfortunately, the first two of those are unavoidable; the third, however, can be prepared for in advance. Tell your child what to do in case he gets lost and have him repeat the steps he’ll take in case of an emergency. Practice your safety plan in a few different scenarios --at the mall, at a concert, in the park, etc. -- until you’re sure your little one knows the drill. Find a police officer or another mother/father with children, and have them call you. By preparing your children for the worst, it will help them remain calm in a potentially scary situation.

2. Get Them Tattooed

Temporarily, of course. A safety tattoo that can be easily applied and removed. A tattoo on which you write your phone number. In the event your child gets lost, she simply needs to show the number to the parent or police officer and she’ll be returned to you as quickly as possible.

3. Dress as a Group

One simple way to keep an eye on your kids, and help them keep an eye on you, is to wear matching shirts or like colors. It's much easier for your child to find you in a crowd if there's an easily identifiable color or other wardrobe identifier that she can spot instantly.

4. Snap a Photo On the Day of Your Outing

Another easy step to finding your child in the event that she goes missing is having a current photo, taken that day. If a police officer or good Samaritan knows exactly what the child looks like, right down to her outfit and her hairstyle that day, it makes coordinating a search much easier.

5. Use a Wrist Band baby walker

Wrist band baby walker helps to keep you close yet allows your toddler the freedom to explore.  It gives you peace of mind that your baby won't go very far away from you or get lost in a crowded mall.

5. Never Lose Track with GPS

A GPS tracking device allows you to locate your child no matter where he is right from the convenience of your smartphone. We recommend the GPS Tracker SmartWatch for Kids which can be worn easily around the wrist, or any other GPS tracker device that can be placed in your child's pocket or backpack and you're ready to track. In seconds you'll be able to pinpoint his location. This real-time tracker also gives your child the ability to call you or send pictures of his/her location right to your phone. 

With these simple precautions, you'll be able to enjoy the fair, festival or family vacation without the worry.


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